Apartments easily reservable as your home in Japan

Translation App. – Easy・Speedy・Useful・Free!! – How to use the free translation app —
— 無料翻訳アプリの使い方 —

■■■ Translation App. – Easy・Speedy・Useful・Free!! ■■■

■■■ ★CLICK★ Use Smartphone Camera as Translator! ■■■
– ★パシャッ★ スマホカメラで翻訳! –

Please use the Instant camera translation with the newest version of Google Translate and your phone’s camera, in order to understand the Japanese text easily and instantly.
It would be very helpful for your daily life in Japan to translate Japanese text very easily, as like of notification posted on the common areas, displays on the electric appliances in the room, mails delivered to your mailbox and so on!!!


★Google Translate for iPhone

★Google Translate for Android




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