2. Rental Procedures of Ordinary Apartments

2. Process for renting of ordinary various Apartments (Common rental procedures)
(Required a Japanese guarantor or enroll into a Guarantee Company, Long term valid Visa,
  continuous job, and agency fee.)

STEP1. Search & Find your best Apartment

Search your desired apartment – Please come to DID-GLOBAL!! ⇒Map

Please come to our office located in near Osaka Castle to find your best apartment from all apartments in Kansai area which are offered on the real estate agent network. Our partnership company of licenced real estate agent will help your apartment search in English as well. Please tell us your wishing details, then we will propose some apartments for you.

Find your favorite apartment

If you can narrow down to some your favorite apartments, please have a viewing the properties and please make a decision. ⇒inquiry

STEP2. Application & Reservatio

Fill out the application form and prepare some documents which are the lessor required, including the documents of your guarantor.

1 ) Application form
Fill out the application form by yourself.  ⇒Applocation Form

2 ) Ready some required documents
ex) Your passport copy,
Certificate of your income,
Guarantor’s ID,
Certificate of guarantor’s income,
Certificate of official registration of guarantor’s seal, etc.

3 ) Pay the Application Deposit
After receiving your application deposit, we will start the procedures of the application to the lessor.
After pay the application deposit, we can’t accept your cancelation without penalty, the penalty is equal to the amount of application deposit.

STEP3. Tenancy Examination

After your application, the lessor will conduct a tenancy examination, and if you pass the examination, you can step to the procedure of the contracting and move-in.

STEP4. Contract

Sign on the lease agreement by subscriber and guarantor

Payment of total moving cost

The general Japanese lease agreement is written in Japanese. But we will explain carefully and give you the reference papers which written in English to make clear your understanding of the details. Therefore, you can live in the apartment with well understanding the rules and customs of the apartment, and the details of the lease agreement.

STEP5. Key receiving & Move-in

After contracting, and upon the start date of your lease, we will pass you the key. You can move into the apartment and live there as you like.

~ Easy carefree Staying with DDG support service ~
Please live there comfortable, and Enjoy living in Kansai area in Japan!!
During you stay in the apartment, we will help your communication with the other Japanese service person regarding the apartment, as of the building management company, repair person in case of any trouble, the lessor, and even the installer of the internet and so on. We can assist for making your life better in the apartment during you are staying there.