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Useful Videos to live in Japan

These are the useful movies & videos to live in Japan, which are produced by DID-GLOBAL staff.

Please check them and live in Japan easily and comfortably!!

 Washing machine in Japan “日本の洗濯機の使い方”

 【 How to Replace 】Light bulbs in Japan

 【How to open】Mail Box in Japan - ポストの開け方 –

 【How to Use 】Japanese Chemical Drain cleaners

 【 How to Use 】”Oil hardening” products in Japan

 【 How to Clean 】 Japanese Air conditioner

 Translation App. – Easy・Speedy・Useful・Free!!

 ATM at Japan Post Bank Office

 Apartment Japan – How to browse & book online

 Apartment Japan ご利用マニュアル【日本語】

 How to find and rent Apartment in Japan /Japanese apartment

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