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DID-GLOBAL’s aim is to provide access to wider range properties throughout the Kansai district for foreigners.

DID-GLOBAL is unique amongst real estate companies in that we are focused on foreigner clients s and providing access to properties for sales and rentals managed by Japanese real estate firms which are not normally made available to foreign residents. We have been able to provide properties for rental with special conditions, since we have a partnership with the building owners and companies which based on deep trust brought by our longstanding business relationship. We provide an introductory service which allows our clients a hassle-free way of finding and living in the kind of apartment they really want.

DID-GLOBAL has been providing a lot of rental apartments for non-Japanese people in Osaka, Kobe, Kyoto and Tokyo district for several years.
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Our customers come from various back grounds. They are mainly international students, English teachers, business persons, university researchers, and also many domestic/international companies employees and foreign foverment institutions members such as consulate employees.
Unfortunately, if foreign people would like to rent an apartment in Osaka, they will face to some problems as below.

Language problems (most of Japanese real estate agencies can’t understand any other languages than Japanese)
Difficulty of understanding of the Japanese unique rental system and trade practices (as of SHIKIKIN, REIKIN, Japanese Guarantor person, or Guarantor Company etc.)
The penalty which occurs by the length of stay (usually two years contract will be required.),
Unpleasant feeling of some landlords about accepting the foreigner tenants.

Caused by these, lots of foreigners in Osaka has been forced to live in un-convenient location, old properties, or uncomfortable region.

Feature of DID-GLOBAL’s apartments are …………
No Guarantor required
Furnished Apartments are available for short term lease (more than 1 month)
Possible to arrange rental furniture and appliances if needed.
English speaking staffs available
Unique simple renting system is easy to understand for foreigners
Good access to colleges or work places, we have many apartments in the various area in Osaka/hyogo district.
All documents are written in both English and Japanese.
It will make the tenants understand the rules and contract conditions easily.
It will keep you away from trivial troubles and worries.

DID-GLOBAL always welcome your inquiry, even a trivial questions or worries about rental apartments.

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