Apartments easily reservable as your home in Japan

Features of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

We are providing two types of services for find an apartments for non-Japanese residents in Osaka area.

1.  DID-GLOBAL’s apartments – We have more than 20,000 foreign-friendly, transportation accessible apartments to choose from that don’t require a Guarantor person, a Guarantee company or an agency fee.

2.  Generally provided properties (General properties) – DID-GLOBAL has partnered with a real estate agency who connected with a number real estate agencies located throughout the Kansai area to provide renters with the same real estate options as Japanese residents.

These properties require foreign residents staying in them to follow the same strict rules and conditions Japanese residents are required to follow.

On the plus side, this option provides renters with a very large range of renting options, however renters will have to comply with Guarantor companies, key money, and a minimum two year contract. Contracts will need to be completed in Japanese, You will need to be holding a job in Japan, and you will be subject to stricter scrutiny.

These properties can be found on any Japanese real estate rental website however DID-GLOBAL can provide you with language services to help you close the deal.

Please refer to the chart below and choose the option that you think is better for your needs.

Comparison of Lease Conditions

Comparison of rental conditions

◇ If you don’t have a Japanese guarantor.
◇ If you don’t have a job yet.
◇ If you want to rent for less than 2 years.
◇ If you want to reserve an apartment while still living abroad.
◇ If you wan to save a lot of up-front cost.
◇ If you don’t want to pay agency and brokerage fees.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please click on;
⇒  1. Process for renting of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

◇ If you have a Japanese guarantor.
◇ If you want to rent your own apartment so, for example, you can keep a pet.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please click on;
⇒  2. Process for renting of General Apartments