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Company Profile


Company name: DID-GLOBAL Co.,Ltd.◆日本語版

Head Office: Office Port Uchihonmachi 503
2-4-16, Uchihon-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0026 Japan
TEL: +81-(0)6-6947-1828 (in English)    FAX: +81-(0)6-6947-1228
代表電話番号: +81-(0)6-6947-1128  (日本語のみ)

Established: August 28, 2012

Capital Stock: ¥69,600,000,-
(including Capital Reserve ¥30,300,000,-) (as of March.1, 2024)

Representative: Akiko Kondo, Representative Director

Description of Business:

 ☆ Development and Operation Service of Apartment Japan Website
 ☆ Operational Management business of Furnished Apartment
 ☆ Real estate Sublease business
 ☆ Real estate management service
 ☆ Internet equipment rental service
 ☆ Various rental service for foreigners

Legal Adviser:

Kaisei Law Office   Lawyer Mishima Shuji

Accounting Adviser:

Future Accounting Firm


Approval of Business Innovation Company :

Approval Number :  No. 1058-71
Approval Date   :  8th November 2016

 Notification of Telecommunication Business:

Notification Number :  E-30-04225
Notification Date   :  13th September 2018


The Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
The International Student Study Kyoto Network 
(The Consortium of Universities in Kyoto)
Osaka Prefectual Federation of Small Business Associations
– Manufacturing Results “Monodukuri Seika corner”

Apartment-Japan Mutual Link Partner:

-Life -About Temporary Housing, -Finding housing in Kobe
The International Student Study Kyoto Network

Partnership companies for Apartment Japan Service:

I Think Rent Co,. Ltd.

* Head OfficeKume Bldg.6F, 2-25-5 Kami-Ohsaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo* Capital Stock¥100,000,000,-* Established DateMarch 21, 2012

Partnership companies for Real Estate Transaction:

R.K Co.,Ltd.

* Established DateMarch 03, 2009* Real estate transaction Business License:
Residential building lot and building transactions
Governor of Osaka, No. (3) 57108
* Small Amount and Short Term Insurance Solicitor:
    Kinki Finance Bureau, No.060003002397