Apartments easily reservable as your home in Japan

1. Rental Procedures of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

 1. Process for renting of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment
(No Guarantor, No agency fee, Easy process )

These properties are usually rented for Japanese residents following typical Japanese lease conditions, however by renting through DID-GLOBAL’s rental program, many of the headaches foreign residents face when renting in Japan are eliminated.

STEP1. Search & Find your best Apartment

 Search your desired apartment 

The best way to find a new apartment is searching on this website, at the tab of “Search & Book Apartment” and filtered by your criteria.

You can check the detailed information about the property, conditions, and optional services. Also, you can image your new life by the short movies and 360 degree images.
It shows the latest availability of our properties and the details of the conditions.

Or, if you prefer consultation in face to face, of course you can come to our office for a consultation or send us an inquiryIf you give us an idea of what you’re looking for, we will provide a few properties that match to your wishes.

STEP2. Get a quote and Reserve the property

Once you find your best property, you can get the quotation for the contract money and monthly amount straight from the button of beside of the property details information on this website.. Then, you can go forward Online Application directly. The online reservation has the highest priority over other application methods. 

 Only three items are required  for the Application of the apartment!                                     detailed information

  1 ) Application form

Fill out the application form on the process from on the site of your favorite property details.
If there were a shortage of your information, we will ask you individually.
⇒Application Form (please use this if you can’t use the application system.)

  2 ) Photocopy of your Passport & valid VISA
  3 ) Pay the Application Deposit
We can accept the payment by credit card. Please follow the direction on the website.
 *The payment will be sent directly to our account.

After all items have been received, your application will be processed and the property will be reserved for you.


After receiving your application, you will receive the confirmation email with the details of the property, your lease condition, and your personal information provided on the application.

On the process of the application, you will also specify “the contract place, date and time” for sign on the lease agreement, pay the balance of the contract amount and doing key hand-over.
Please check all of the information described on the email.

If there were short in the provided information at the application, we will ask you by email.

STEP3. Contract & Move-in

 Contract   (Sign the lease agreement and payment)

Meet at the specified place for the Contract, and we will explain about the living rules and remarkable Japanese unique customs etc.
All of DID-GLOBAL’s documents are presented in English and in Japanese so you will have a complete understanding of all terms of your lease agreement.
It will keep you away from trivial troubles and worries.

※Due the COVID-19, at the moment, we adopt the Non-face-to-face way for the Contract and key hand-over to move-in.  

 Key receiving and Move in

After the Contracting, and upon the start date of your lease, we will pass you the key.
After receiving your key, you can move in anytime you like.

~ Easy carefree Staying with DDG support service ~
Live there comfortable, and Enjoy living in Osaka in Japan!! 

If you run into any troubles or problems during your stay in the apartment, DID-GLOBAL will be there to support you.
We will help your communication with the other Japanese service person regarding the apartment such as the building maintenance company, repair person, and even the installer of the internet and so on. We can assist for making your life better in the apartment during you are staying there.