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Rental Bedding Service

This is the service only for tenants of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments.


DID-GLOBAL are providing the rental beddings of high quality and clean, directly from the professional bedding company.
For the hygiene reason, DID-GOBAL is in partnership with the company of professional bedding rental service who are handling specialized in the luxury duvet and bedding, who are one of the most famous bedding company in Japan. We are proud of the quority and the cleaness.
If you are interested in our bedding option, please let us know upon booking!

● Please select whether you need the bedding option upon booking.
● The beddings are in the bag and put on the floor when you checked-in.
● Please be aware it will be charged the damages in case of the lost or serious dirty of the beddings.
● It is strictly prohibited to take out the beddings to outside of the apartment.

※ In all of our furnished apartment, to follow Japanese law strictly, only a bed pad and a cover sheet are provided on the spring bed mattress.
Since they are also provided by this professional bedding company, they are done the heat-sterilization and very clean. So, all of our tenant would be able to be free from the afraid of bedding cleanness.
We wish all of tenants stay in our apartment comfortable.


◆ Rental Bedding Option set◆                     *The appropriate size beddings will be provided.

  1. Duvet (Down comforter) 1  
  2.  Comforter cover 1  
  3.  Pillow  1 or 2  
  4.  Pillow case 1 or 2  
  5.  Bath mat 1  
  6.  Bath towel 1 or 2  
  7.  Face towel  1 or 2  
  8.  Bed Pad * 1  
  9. Bed Sheet * 1  
  * The bed sheets and bed pad are equipped on all bed regardless the rental option.

Single size Beddings

◆Japanese Futon & Duvet set◆      *single size

  1. Duvet (Down comforter) 1  
  2. Comforter cover 1  
  3. Japanese Futon Mattress 1  
  4. Mattress cover 1  
  5. Pillow 1  
  6. Pillow case 1  
  7. Bath mat 1  
  8. Bath towel 1  
  9. Face towel 1  
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In order to provide the bedding sets of high quality and very clean on affordable price, we DID-GLOBAL, now is in special partnership with a group company of one of the most famous and well-established bedding manufacture company.   


The bedding rental company whom we are in partnership with, offers high quality clean duvet covers.
Especially the quality and thickness of duvet is enough warm for all of users would be satisfied, even who live in Hokkaido or Northeast Japan in winter.
And, the Japanese style mattress use wool and urethane so that the thickness and softness is enough for you sleep well with spreaded directly on the floor.
You will be able to enjoy Japanese traditional bedding culture with our optional rental bedding service.

Also, in all of our furnished apartment, the clean bed pad and cover sheet are basically equipped on the bed. They are provided by the professional company as for all of our tenants stay in our apartment comfortable and feeling free from afraid of bedding cleanness.

Factoryin Factory



The thing that you are most worry about for the rental beddings is the “cleanliness”, isn’t it?
For the maintenance of rental beddings, they are being refreshed in the world biggest professional bedding cleaning factory which has experiences of handling and washing of 5.25 million pieces of beddings including both household use and business use.
Generally, it is said that it is necessary to perform 80 degree or more heat treatment for 30 minutes or more to get rid of the pest parasitized in beddings (for example: mite, etc.) that cannot be removed only by washing in water.
Order to cope to this, our beddings has been provided after subjected to a heat treatment of more than 85 degrees for 35 minutes in their factory. So that all of our customers would be able to use the bedding clean and on fluffy.

One process of the washingHeat treatment



Upon the final step of maintenance, all products will be checked the contamination of foreign substances by needle detector.
“Needle” inside the beddings is the most dangerous thing, and their needle detector would not miss even one of the staples, due to they have established a thoroughly managements of safety.



When you move-in the apartment, you can find the bedding is packed in a special bag and placed on the floor next to the bed in the apartment.
Please open the bedding bag and set them on the bed by yourself.
Both of the comforter and pillow are already wrapped in freshly washed cover sheets, so you can use them immediately after opening the bag.
Setting up the bedding is very easy and hassle-free, and it ensure the cleanliness!
After using (at moving out), please put all of the rental bedding items in the special bag with the cover sheets still on.