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Internet Option for DiD-Global tenants


Most of DID-GLOBAL’s apartments can be installed High-Speed Optic Fiber Internet into the apartment with some additional cost.
※ The availability of the optic internet is depending on the property.
  Please check the property details on our website or ask to us, for the internet availability.

Contract Condition

 Monthly Charge ; 5,500 yen/month
                                             (incl. Tax, Internet fee, Provider charge & Wi-Fi router rental fee)

 Contract Charge  : 25,000yen (incl. Tax & Installation work fee)

 Lease Period   : Minimum 3 months ( No cancellation fee after 3 months)

 Internet Network : FTTP(Fiber To The Premises)
            provid by NTT Hikari Internet Network (Optical Fiber Internet)

 Maximum Connection Speed: Depends on the property – at most property  1 Gbps (approx.)

 Connection method: Wi-Fi  &  with Cable


Application and Questionnair for installation work

In order to apply the Internet Option, please submit this Application Form.

    ★Applicant's Information
    Full Name

        Family Name*      Last Name*
    Email *
    Phone Number*
      1.       2.
    Skype ID

    ★Property Information
      The information of the property which you wish to install the cable internet.
      Building Name*
        Room Number*

    ★Wishing Date for installation work for internet starting *
      What date do you prefer to install the internet into your home?
    Please specify the wishing date and time after two weeks or later.
      -   If you choose "At the earliest date", it may be earlier than the 2 weeks.
        Please understand that you cannot specify the date and time in that case .

    At the earliest dateAt any of wishing date specified below

        1st choice :

    ( yyyy/mm/dd )


        2nd choice :

    ( yyyy/mm/dd )


        3rd choice :

    ( yyyy/mm/dd )


      Intend length of use the internet
          about years

      1) Substitution of the installation work attendance and initial setting work (+6,000yen) YesNo




    Please submit one or more ID.
     PassportResidence Card (在留カード)Japanese Driver LisenceJapanese Health Insurance card



    I have applied to or been already living in an apartment rented by DID-GLOBAL.
    I agree that I pay the installation fee and attend the installation work at the arranged date and time. Or, I order the optional substitution service.
    I won't change the Password of the connection.