Apartments easily reservable as your home in Japan

Introduction of DID-GLOBAL’s Rental Apartment System

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DID-GLOBAL provides Furnished or Non-Furnished Apartments to foreign residents in Osaka.

DID-GLOBAL provides two kinds of services for apartment seekers; 

1. DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

~Foreigner Friendly Apartments & Conditions ~

DID-GLOBAL has more than 120 properties of our furnished apartments and thousands of potential properties of foreign-friendly, transportation accessible apartments which don’t require a Guarantor person, a Guarantee Company, nor an agency fee.
We offer a list of convenient options geared toward making the rental process for foreign residents,
simple and straightforward:

◆ No Guarantor
◆ No Guarantee Company
◆ No Agency fee
◆ Short term lease
◆ Furnished apartment

★ You can still rent our apartment, even if you are visiting Japan with a working holiday visa or student visa.

Our goal is that everyone who stays with us leaves Japan with nothing but happy memories.
We wish your memories and experiences in Osaka become a treasure of your life.

◆ Furnished Apartments : rentable on Monthly basis (Price is varied by the lease term)
◆ Non-furnished Apartments : rentable on more than 1 year contract

For more information, please refer  ⇒⇒ DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment  


2. General Apartments

~A huge range of options to choose from,

including properties listed by Japanese Real Estate Agencies~

DID-GLOBAL has partnered with a real estate agency to provide renters with the similar real estate options throughout the Kansai area as Japanese residents.

These properties require foreign residents staying in them to follow the same strict rules and conditions which Japanese residents are required to follow.
On the plus side, this option provides renters with a very large range of renting options, however renters will have to comply with the unique Japanese customs difficult to understand as of Guarantor company, key money, and contracts offered only in Japanese.

For more information, please refer  ⇒⇒ General Apartments

[Partnership with Licenced Real Estate Agency]

DID-GLOBAL has a total business partnership with a “real estate transaction” licenced company.
It means we will be happy to assist you with English support for all kinds of real estate transactions in Japan.
Please feel free to inquire if you are interested in a real estate transaction in Japan.


All services are provided in English

All of DID-GLOBAL’s staff is Japanese.
But, we talk and have a communication with customers in English, and all of our documents are written in both English and Japanese.

It means;
■ Easy for you to share the details of your wishes and desires with agents
■ Easy for you to understand the conditions and details of the provided properties
■ Easy for you to ask your questions and worries to make clear the image of your new life
■ Better for you to make decision with enough information and well understanding
■ You can sign on the documents after understanding what the documents say.
■ Easier for you to solve any issues that occur in your apartment during your stay.

 They will make you to feel more relieved and less troublesome during your stay.

 Useful Optional Services

Moving to a new city isn’t easy. DID-GLOBAL offers some common-sense, convenient services to make your move-in simple and relaxing.

◆ Rental Bedding Services :

Clean, comfortable bedding is so important if you want to start making an apartment feel like a home.
DID-GLOBAL has partnered with one of the largest, most respected bedding providers in Japan.
Clean, high-quality and affordable – for more details

 For more details, please refer  ⇒⇒ Rental Bedding service

◆ Rental mobile wi-fi internet router :

To get internet access in Japan is a serious problem which many foreigners will face to when they come to Japan.
We provide Internet service (rental portable wi-fi router) for all of non-Japanese residents who speaks English. No cancellation penalty. Unlimited access. The minimum rental term is one month.

For more details, please refer  ⇒⇒ Rental wi-fi

◆ Sale bedding service :

We also have affordable bedding sets for sale for customers who would rather buy, than rent their bedding.
● Single futon set, Japanese futon set ;
You can purchase new or second hand bedding, depending on your budget
● Double size bedding set ;
High quality, light-weight duvets, so comfortable and warm.
We’ll even deliver them by courier, so you don’t have to lug them home yourself.

Please purchase DID-GLOBAL’s bedding set for sale!

For more details, please refer  ⇒⇒ Bedding Sale


The list of rental properties

Please look at the page of “Search Properties” by enter your requirements as of area, lease length and move-in date, then you can see the listing of our properties which suits your terms.
(We may have more properties than listed on this website. Please feel free to inquire to us anytime.)

We wish you a very happy and comfortable stay in Japan.

Our goal is that everyone who stays with us leaves Japan with nothing but happy memories.