Furnished Apartments for Rent for Foreigners

Rental Application Form

If you decide the property which you want to rent, please make an application by following the processes below.


1. Please confirm us the availability and the details of the lease conditions
2. Please make an application by filling the cells below. (or if you prefer, you can download the Excel file of the same application form. Please send us by email fill out them.)
⇒⇒Download the excel file of the application form EXCEL imageEng.
3. Please pay the application deposit as of 1 month’s rent amount by cash or by bank transfer. (Please ask to us the details of our bank account information.)
4. Please send us the evidence of transferring in case of payment by bank transfer.
After these procedures, your application of reservation will be effective and forward to the examination.

1.  Please noted in advance that the online application via takes precedence over the application by this application form. If you want to ensure the reservation, please make an application from
2. The application deposit will not be refund in the event of application cancellation caused by applicant’s reason, even before contracting. (In the case of due our reason, as like to inferior to other application etc., all deposit will be refund.)

    1. Wishing Property & Lease condition

    Name of property*
    Monthly Amount

    Limousine Service 
     Need a limousine serviceNot need a limousine service 
    Rental Bedding Option* (Laxuary Duvet set = Duvet, Pillow, Bed pad, Covers etc. The suitable size of Duvet Set would be provided.)
    Laxury Duvet setJapanese Futon & Duvet SetNot need
      ⇒ Or, if you want to buy your own beddings;
       Purchase Beddings Option (Beddings for Sale) Please choose either Rental beddings or Purchasing beddings, or neither.
        for Single size bedfor Double size bedJapanese Futon setNot Need

    Internet Option (Rental portable wi-fi router) (monthly charge :7,300yen)
    Kitchenware & Detergent set (Option)    (for Sale :9,900円)
    Amenity Set (Option)    (for Sale :1,100yen)

    Wishing lease term
      About months or more than year
    Wishing date for Move in
     year  Month  Date
    Wishing date for Move out (If not decided, please leave it blank.)
     year  Month  Date  


    2.Information of Applicant

    Name of Applicant*

    ( yy/mm/dd )

    Current Address

    Telephone Number

    E-mail address*

    Skype ID


    Language you can speak
    EnglishJapaneseOther language
    Purpose of coming to Japan
    StudyResearchWorking holidayWorkTouristBusinessOther
    Name of Company/School in Japan

    Address of Company/School


    Emergency Contact person in Japan




    Relationship to you

    Next of Kin (Family of Relatives even if not live in Japan)



    Relationship to you


    3. Information of Co-occupants (if you have) *Only in case of acceptable apartment
    Sex MaleFemale
    Relationship to you
    Sex MaleFemale
    Relationship to you
    Sex MaleFemale
    Relationship to you


    4.Flight Information of your coming to Japan(*1)

    Name of your arrival airport

    Your arrival date & Time
     Date  Time
    Air Line

    Flight Number


    5. Copy of Passport

         Acceptable file types (extensions) are: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, odt, avi, ogg, m4a, mov, mp3, mp4, mpg, wav, and wmv.
         Acceptable file size is up to 1 MB (1048576 bytes).


    5. Copy of Valid Visa

    Type of Visa    Already I haveNot yet
    Validity period of Visa


    Message to DID-GLOBAL

    I confirmed all information to submit is correct.*

    ⇒⇒ Application Deposit Payment . PayPal Paypal2

     *1 If you are in abroad and if you have already booked your flight to Japan, please give us your flight information.
    If you will arrive at Kansai Airport before than 3pm and be possible to come to our office directly, you can move into the apartment at your arrival day.

    [Points to be aware of]
    1) Your application is liable to be rejected if you make any false statements.
    2) Your application will not be accepted automatically and you may not be informed of the reason for any refusal.
    3) After all required documents and application deposit reached to DID-GLOBAL,your application will be effective.

    [Required documents upon contracting]
    Please confirm the items of required documents at the page of Rental Procedures.