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Deposit by PayPal

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DID-GLOBAL can accept your payment by PayPal, which is the safe, easy, affordable way for an international payment.
PayPal allows you to pay credit cards or PayPal account balances.
Please follow the guidance and pay the deposit via PayPal.

* We also accept payment by bank transfer by domestic remittance in Japan. Please contact us if you wish.

1. Application Deposit

Please pay the application deposit from the PayNowボタンbutton below.

At the payment, please enter the name of the applicant, the name of the property you are applying for, and the room number.

* At the moment, only the amount of 40,000 yen is available on this payment system as the payment option for Application deposit. Regardless to the amount specified for you, please remit 41,680yen (Deposit 40,000 + remittance fee 1,680) here.

* If the application is canceled due to the circumstances of the applicant, the application fee will not be refunded even before the contract. (However, if there are legitimate reasons such as immigration restrictions, flight cancellations, hospitalization measures, etc. due to infection with the new coronavirus COVID-19, or if the application is canceled due to our company’s circumstances, the application fee will be refunded.) Please check our cancellation policy.

 Payment by PayPal 
Application Deposit
Applicant’s Name
Property Name & Room Number

* We would like to ask you to bear the remittance fee.