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Rental Service of Portable Wi-Fi router

Wi-Fi – Portable wireless internet device –

Unlimited Free Access!!*

◆ Unlimited Access!!  *Connected speed will be down after 10GB/latest 3days.
◆ Super High Speed!!    *Up to 440Mbps downlink
◆ Short term Contract OK!!     *minimum: 1month contract.
◆ Very Handy!!    *Access to internet anytime & anywhere

* Depending on inventory, the device may change to the newer model which is high speed with access data limited to 100GB per month.

       Monthly Charge  ¥6,637    (Tax excluded) Unlimited access!!   
   Deposit for the equipment  ¥20,000    (Payable at the initial; Refundable)  
   Commission fee  ¥3,000    (Tax excluded)  
     *No commission fee for the tenants of DID-GLOBAL’s apartments  


< Supplementary explanations >
* The internet speeds may slow due to the user environment.
* Maximum communication speeds indicate values based technical standard.  It’s not guaranteed the speed of your actual internet connection.
* To take this rental service, personal Identification will be required.
* Only Foreigners can apply for this Internet service.
(Not only for DID-GLOBAL apartment’s residents, any foreigners applicable.)
* In case of you use over 10 GB for last 3 days the communication speed may slow down. In that case, the Downlink will be up to 1 Mbps.
* You can get it within 7 days after applying.
* Deposit is refundable after return all items.
* Not all PCs, smartphones are compatible.
* The equipment might be different to the shown type to above image.
* This service may not cover all areas of Japan.


Choose Device

We have two types of devices;
– One of them (Type A) has unlimited data access but after using 10GB for the latest 3 days the connection speed will be slow down to 1mbps.
– The another one (Type B) has limited the maximum connection data per month to 100GB but the connection speed is faster and without 3-day data limit for slow down.
If you prefer either one, please tell us your preferable type.
* Depending the inventory, we may not follow your wish. Please understand in advance.

Type A.  Unlimited Access but slow down after use 10GB for last 3 days

Unlimited! (10GB/3days + slow down)

Type B.  Monthly capacity limit ; 100GB
(No 3-day limit to slow down)

Faster!    Data limit: 100GB/month