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We can accept your payment by PayPal, which is the safe, easy, affordable way for an international payment.
PayPal allows you to pay credit cards or PayPal account balances.
Please select your purpose to pay, and follow the guidance.

1. Application Deposit

If you would like to send the application deposit to DID-GLOBAL from abroad, this is the easiest and the most affordable way to remittance.
The amount of Application Deposit is determined by the monthly rent price.

The amount of Application Deposit is the amount of rounded up the rent in unit of 10 thousand yen or unit of 100 thousand yen.
Please choose your amount of deposit according to your monthly rent.
And please enter your (applicant’s) name and your applying property name and room number to let us easy to understand your remittance.
* The application deposit will not be refund in case of cancellation by applicant’s reason, even if it is before contracting.

Monthly Rent Application Deposit
1) less than 40,000yen 40,000 JPY
2) 40,001 – 50,000yen 50,000 JPY
3) 50,001 – 60,000yen 60,000 JPY
4) 60,001 – 70,000yen 70,000 JPY
5) 70,001 – 80,000yen 80,000 JPY
6) 80,001 – 100,000yen 100,000 JPY
7) 100,001 – 150,000yen 150,000 JPY
8) 150,001 – 200,000yen 200,000 JPY
9) 200,001 – 300,000yen 300,000 JPY
10) more than 300,001yen 500,000 JPY

 Payment by PayPal 
Application Deposit
Applicant’s Name
Property Name & Room Number

* We would like to ask you to bear the remittance fee.



2.Portable Internet Wi-Fi

If you would like to pay the rental Wi-Fi router fee, please chose the items which you need to pay from the dropdown.

◆ For the customers who has been already renting the wi-fi router
● Please choose the amount of your contracted monthly fee.
● Please write your name on the form. And if possible, please write the management number of your wi-fi router and your apartment name and room number if you are a tenant DID-GLOBAL’s apartment.
● We need to ask you the remittance fee about 4.0% of your remittance amount. It will be charged as a “Shipping and handling”.
◆ For the customers who would like to start to rent the wi-fi router
● Please pay the items of 2), 3) and 4) if you would like to start to use the rental portable wi-fi router. However, if you are (will be) a tenant of DID-GLOBAL apartment, we won’t ask you the contract fee. So please choose the items of 2) and 3).
Payable Item Amount
1) Monthly Internet Fee 7,300 JPY
2) Security Deposit for the device 20,000 JPY
3) Contract Fee 3,240 JPY

 Payment by PayPal 
Rental Wi-Fi router
Applicant’s Name
Apartment & room # or Wi-Fi # PayPal

1. Monthly Internet fee won’t be prorated regardless the date of start and end of the lease period.
2. The render has to return the rental items within 7 days from the date of the lease termination by parcel or bringing to the office of DID-GLOBAL.
3. In the case of cancellation within the contracted lease period, the render need to submit the cancellation notice by the 15th of the previous month of the desired termination date.
4. In the case of broke or lost the equipment, the contract will be terminated and the deposit will not be refund.
5. For more details of the rental condition and terms, please look at the contents of the agreement.
6. Please understand in advance that we ask you to bear all remittance fee.


3.Payment for Sale Beddings

If you would like to buy Bedding set, please choose the items and quantity from the dropdown.


Sorry!! This payment system for beddings is now constracting!!

If you submit the Order Form,

we will send you the invoice of PayPal payment by email.

Or, please send the money by bank transfer.