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Japanese traditional performing art “Noh” was shown under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.


Noh is the oldest theatrical art in Japan which played on a stage.


It can be said Japanese musical with dance and music in its core.

The most characteristic of  Noh is that actors wear masks called “Noh-Men”,and act along with vocal music called “jiutai” and instrumental music called “Hayashi”.

Noh performance “Tamura” is the work that drew the the auspicious story of building the Kiyomizu-dera temple, and Sakanoue Tamuramaro who is an famous samurai in the late Nara period as the main character, the conquest to Ezo(now Hokkaido) by him. The theme is the courage of a warlord who uses the spiritual power of Kannon to kick off the enemy, and it is a work full of bright and festive atmosphere. Along with Yajima and Samurai, they are considered to be the Three Great Victory Shura, and have also been played as a congratulatory Noh.

The composition is the form of the compound visionary dream. The first part is the auspicious story of building Kiyomizudera Temple, and the second part is the battle of Sakanouetamuramaro’s battle at Ezo conquest. The ghost of Tamuramaro who became a figure of a Dohshi (Child) appears in the first half, and Tamuramaro in a youthful warlord figure carries a brave dance in the second half.


We enjoyed this Noh for free along with Japanese tea ceremony and drum programs in the park near the DID-GLOBAL office.    

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