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Mutual link with “KOBE STUDY ABROAD”との相互リンク完了

神戸市が運用する外国人学生向け留学情報ウェブサイト「KOBE STUDY ABROAD」( の住宅検索サイトとして「Apartment Japan」の相互リンクが完了しました。
「KOBE STUDY ABROAD」は神戸市が運営する留学生向けの情報発信サイトです。

The mutual link of ”Apartment Japan”  has been completed as a housing search site for “KOBE STUDY ABROAD” (, which is operated by Kobe City,  and a study abroad information website for foreign students .
“KOBE STUDY ABROAD” is a website operated by Kobe City, which is for introduce the information of Kobe for international students.
It is full of useful and helpful information for people planning to come or just coming, not limited to Kobe but to Japan,  not only the 23 universities in Kobe but also contents such about an acquisition of residence card, opening of bank, health insurance, and housing search etc.

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