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Three-meals service (Optional service for Apartment Quarantine-stay)


We deliver balanced meals every day!!

This service has been terminated. このサービスは終了しました。

◆ Those who are uncertain whether be able to procure daily meals in an unfamiliar place
◆ Those who are not good at cooking
◆ Those who are worried about nutritional balance and monotonous menu
◆ Those who want to experience ordinal Japanese meals

For those who are worried or thinking about such things,
we recommend the【3 meals delivery service】, which delivers 3 meals to the front door every day.

Features of 3 meals delivery service

1. Healthy menu with nutritional balance
2. Daily menu with a variety of dishes
3. There are also including bread, salads and fruits
4. 3 servings of meals will be delivered together, so you can enjoy it in any combination you like ♪

Enjoy a warm and delicious meal using the equipped refrigerator and microwave.
The three-meal delivery service will be delivered directly to your room by a specialist listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Please enjoy a safe and secure meal.

* Delivery will be once a day only on weekdays. (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays will be delivered together the day before.)
* Menus for holidays may differ from menus for weekdays.
* You must be at home at the time of delivery. If you do not receive it, we will not be able to accept redelivery. please note.
* In order to prevent infection with the new coronavirus, it will be delivered non-face-to-face at the entrance.


An example of a package fee for self-quarantine plan

14-day pack (breakfast, lunch, dinner 14 meals + supplementary meal)  

50,000yen (shipping fee included, tax not included)*1

12-day pack (breakfast, lunch, dinner 12 meals + supplementary meal)  

43,000yen (shipping fee included, tax not included)*2

* 2 This is the package for a self-quarantine stay after isolating at a government-designated facility due to a mutant virus.

If you wish, please apply as an option when you apply for a furnished apartment.
For the 3-meals delivery service, please apply at least 14 days before the service starts.


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