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14 days Quarantine Stay & Limousine Service after entering Japan

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This is an information on the place for self-quarantine after entering Japan and a Limousine service as an individual transportation from Airport.


As the border measure based on Japan government efforts against the new coronavirus infection,  Japan quarantine division strictly requires that all people entering Japan have to stay for 14 days at the permitted places and never to use public transportation for the prevention of spread of COVID-19. 

Due to the current epidemic prevention measures of the novel corona virus, all people entering Japan even without symptoms of illness are required;
to stay at a place designated by the Chief of the Quarantine Station, such as their homes or hotels, for 14 days counting from the day after arrival,
NOT to use public transportation for any purpose, including transport from airports, etc.
– Be sure to arrange an accommodation and means of private transportation from the airport to the accommodation in Japan. (DO NOT use public transportation.)
– Upon entry, a quarantine officer will register your whereabouts for the 14-day period mentioned above and means of private transportation, at the quarantine station.

  Check the announcement by Japan Government, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.


【Allowed Place to stay and Means of transportation】


Recommend Services for Quarantine


DID-GLOBAL’s furnished apartments are suitable as an designated place to stay for the isolation that meet the standards set by Japan quarantine station.

In DID-GLOBAL’S apartments basically equipped a kitchen with electric appliances so that you can cook and eat what you like during the 14 days. It will make you feel less stress and relax during the quarantine isolation.   ⇒ use delivery services

DID-GLOBAL offers the following services as measures to prevent infection and to ensure the safety and security of the residents.
Online contact-less application (application from overseas is also possible)
Non-face-to-face deals of contract and key delivery. (Pick the key up at the apartment, and orientation online.)
◆ Thorough cleaning and disinfection work to prevent infection; DDG-standard for Health & Safety
◆ We offer rooms that are vacant for more than 3 days
◆ Contract support/resident support in English
◆ Both of Monthly contract / Long term contract are available.
◆ Multilingual support service if necessary

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We recommend to use a limousine as an Individual Transportation from the airport to your place of stay such as DDG Apartments, that meet the criteria specified by the quarantine station.

[Example of Limousine Service from Kansai Airport]

◆ Japan Land Service
Kansai Airport Transfer Service
– Kansai Airport ⇔ Osaka City
– Osaka Itami Airport ⇔ Osaka City
– Inquiries & applications from overseas possible (English available)
– The package service includes Meet & Greet service, and a private limousine with a chauffeur (toll and parking fees are also included).
– Other than from Kansai Airport, from Narita, Haneda, Osaka(Itami), Chubu or any other Airports are also available.
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Look at our affordable special plans
for Quarantine stays & Airport Transfers


During and after quarantine, live in the same place with peace of mind. You don’t have to waste the money and effort!

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