Information and consultation desks for foreigners in Osaka
who are impacted by the new coronavirus COVID-19


To all foreigners

live in Osaka pref.



To whom impacted by the stay-at-home order and the business-shutdown request due the new coronavirus  COVID-19👑 and need more information about the emergency lorns or subsidies can collect the useful information at the following institutions.

These are the list of the institutions and consultation desk services available in English etc., that may be useful for foreigners in Osaka.

You can ask about your worries, livelihood supports and labor issues due to the order and request, and financial supports of “Benefits, Subsidies or Emergency loans by the public institutions for this coronavirus issues”.

We guess your fear and worries because by living in foreign country, but first of all, please check the website below and contact to them in order to reduce/eliminate your anxiety.

🔶 Livelihood support
– Osaka info
 Email :
 Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
 Osaka Information Service for Foreigner Residents (OIS)

🔶 Labor issues
– Osaka Labour Bureau (in Japanese)
– Consultation Service for Foreign Workers (in English)
– RINK (Rights of Immigrants Network in Kansai)
 TEL 06-6910-7103  (2pm~)

🔶Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
– Latest information on Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
– Employment Policy For Foreigners Working in Companies (English)

– Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers

🔶 For Police (Crime and Accidents)
 Call to #110
  - Japanese phone number is required to make a call. English Available.

🔶 For Fire and Emergency Services
 Call to #119
– Japanese phone number is required to make a call. English Available.


If you want to have a Japanese phone number, please check our service of APJ mobile by clicking the image below.
You can get a SIM card very easy online.
Smart phone and Sim card



🔶 Apartment Japan 🔶
Search website & Online reservation system
If unfortunately you need to move to a cheaper property or ensure a temporary residence near the workplace, try searching on this website.
You can search a variety of furnished rooms from one month to long-term, without guarantors. Multiple landlords are listing the properties here.

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『』Just Launched Up – Search & Online Reservation System

Top page of APJ

We have just launched up our new website Apartment Japan.

This website is a portal website with online application system focused for foreign residents in Japan!

If someone looks for an apartment in Japan, please check this website Apartment Japan!

Search vacancy properties by area, move-in date and lease period, and find your favorite one on this website !

After confirming the property information and entering your desired condition in detail,
you can see the quotation of contract cost and the lease conditions. If they agree them, they can apply and reserve it online!!

It may avoid their troublesome caused by time-lug, emailing, and checking the availability of the property with the person in charge of the lessor.

We accept the online application from one month prior to the desired move-in date.

First of all, please visit to the website!!


Features of Apartment Japan

– Challenge of DID-GLOBAL –

We have provided furnished rental residences to foreigners for 10 years in Osaka, with English service.
Actually, it is still very difficult for foreigners to rent a room in Japan.
At the same time, Japanese real estate owners and management companies are faced with a vacancy problem which is becoming more serious year-by-year, due to the declining birthrate and aging population of Japan.
The number of foreign residents in Japan is on the rise and many Japanese real estate owners feel they would like to cater to this new market but It\’s hard for them to take the first step. Anxiety due to lunguage barrier, problems finding a guarantor and concerns about cultural differences all make trying out this new market an issue.
We aim to partner with a lot of landlords and building management companies and post a lot of properties on this site.
In order to serve as a bridge between the foreign residents and anxious owners, Apartment-Japan provides a wide range of support including various experts and partnership companies, to make it easier for Japanese owners to lend their rooms for foreigners.
Enrolling more Japanese owners will increase the number of room options for foreign residents, and by avoiding unnecessary troubles caused by poor communication, foreign residents will be able to live in Japan more comfortably and with more peace of mind.
Apartment Japan wishes to help to provide such a new service.

Some of the advantages of using Apartment Japan:
●Avoid language problems and email tag.
●Find the perfect rental property that matches your lifestyle and budget.
●Have peace of mind when reading through all contracts and conditions in English.
●The application process is easy. Our website will walk you through each step of the process, right up until you sign the contract.
We have designed this revolutionary rental property search and application system to help Apartment Japan achieve its goal of building a new business model that compliments and coexists with existing residential rental business models.

Of course, this site isn’t only for foreign residents. We think the new options Apartment Japan offers renters will surprise and delight Japanese residents too. Check out the Japanese version of this website for more details.

Quotes from “about us” on Apartment Japan

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