Delivery Service of Grocery and Meals for 14 days quarantine

During 14 days quarantine after arriving in Osaka, Japan,

you can use many delivery services for grocery and meals to DID-GLOBAL’s apartment.

In our apartment, basically a freezer-refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, cooking stove etc. are equipped, so you can cook and eat as you like.

You don’t need to worry about the meals and grocery delivery.


These are some of the delivery services which are available in English;
Uber Eats


Domino Pizza
(put the postal code of the apartment – then you can select the shop nearby and order on the website.)


LIFE Supermarket
(This site is not written in English, but if you use google website translate, you can order on the website.)

Other than these, you can find a lot of delivery services anywhere in Osaka.

Don’t worry to come to Osaka!



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