Delivery Service of Grocery and Meals for 14 days quarantine

During 14 days quarantine after arriving in Osaka, Japan,

you can use many delivery services for grocery and meals to DID-GLOBAL’s apartment.

In our apartment, basically a freezer-refrigerator, microwave, electric kettle, cooking stove etc. are equipped, so you can cook and eat as you like.

You don’t need to worry about the meals and grocery delivery.


These are some of the delivery services which are available in English;
Uber Eats


Domino Pizza
(put the postal code of the apartment – then you can select the shop nearby and order on the website.)


LIFE Supermarket
(This site is not written in English, but if you use google website translate, you can order on the website.)

Other than these, you can find a lot of delivery services anywhere in Osaka.

Don’t worry to come to Osaka!



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Non-face-to-face contract for DID-GLOBAL’s Short-term Apartments good for quarantine

DID-GLOBAL’s furnished apartments are suitable for quarantine isolation, as they meet the standards set by Japan quarantine station.

In order to prevent the infection of COVID19 each other,
we, DID-GLOBAL, adopt the Non-face-to-face way for all processes of rental apartment from application, contract and key hand-over to move-in.

【Other prevention measures information】
Information about 14 days Quarantine Stay & Limousine Service after entering Japan
Search and Online instant booking Short-term rentals of furnished apartment.
Information about Food & Grocery Delivery during 14 days quarantine.


To prevent COVID infection, Non-face-to-face Contract Procedure to move-in DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments


Apply to DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment
– We have an online application system on our website.
Please search and book our apartment you like, from here.
Send you the Lease Agreement and Invoice by email
– PDF of the Lease Agreement
– Invoice of the Contract Money

E-sign on the agreement & Pay the contract money
– E-sign on the agreement & Send back to DID-GLOBAL by email
– Pay the contract money by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.
* We require to get LINE app or Japanese mobile phone number before you move-in. Please inform us your LINE ID or a certificate (receipt or order confirmation email) of you order Japanese phone number.
We recommend to use APJ SIM for Japanese mobile phone number.

Inform you the way of Key giving
After confirming them, we inform you the way of Key giving of the apartment after arriving in Osaka.

Go to the Apartment & move-in by yourself
Go to the Apartment by getting the key and move-into the apartment by yourself.
* Please refer this for the transportation from KIX airport

Sign on the original Lease Agreement

 In the apartment we’ll put two of the original of our Lease agreement.
Please sign on the originals, and check the property condition to report as the original condition. Please send us back one copy of them by the envelope we put beside as well.





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Dormitory with Large Public Bath and GYM in the east of Shinsaibashi

Dorm for foreigners with 8 Language support. This safe and comfortable accommodation which is used by Japanese company for their employees' dorm also can be used by foreign students. Resident janitor and optional meal service are available. Safe environment. Security Entrance, Resident Janitor, Furnished room, Convenient Reception Service, Optional health-friendly & tasty meals. Helpful reception service, Bright and spacious dining hall, Public bath room, and Guest room for your visitor. Lobby, Dinning hall, Large public bath, coin laundry, guest room, gym with golf range, Entrance Hall, Reception, Lobby, Mail Box, Elevator, Dining room, Large Public bath, Shared Toilet, 24H Shower room, Private Washstand, Coin Laundry, Vending machine, Massage Chair, Bicycle/Motorcycle/Car Parking. ◆Flexible contract style (Both Long-term and monthly OK); Not only long-term contracts of 1 year or more, but short-term contracts are also available from over 3 months, so that you can choose according to your study course. , ◆Simple pricing; No brokerage fees required. Simple pricing such as that the contract costs are only monthly fee, deposit, and room cleaning fee.


Link for Details information of each room types




Universities & Colleges within 20 minutes commuting by Bicycle from this property
Otemae University – Otemae Campus Osaka Dental University – Temmabashi Campus
 Osaka Health Science University Kobe University of Welfare – Osaka Tennoji Campus
Osaka Institute of Technology – Umeda Campus Osaka City University – Abeno Campus
College / Language School
Osaka Bio-Medical College Osaka Foreign Language School
SAZANAMI International Academy CLOVER Language Institute
Japanese Communication International School MERIC Japanese Language School
First Study Japanese Language School OCA Osaka College of Design and Information Technology
ARC Academy Japanese Language School O-hara Academy – Namba School
Japan Student Services Organization – Osaka Japanese Language Education Center
EHLE Institute Japan-China Language Academy
UMIKAZE Academy of Japanese Ashiya Kokusai Gakuin
Incorporated Educational Institution NISHIZAWA Gakuen
Osaka YMCA Gakuin Osaka YMCA College
Osaka International School of Culture and Language ASIA International Education
Osaka Kokusai Academy Nissei Japanese Language School
ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages Well Japanese Language School
SHIN-AI Institute of Languages Kaisei Academy Japanese Language School
Kansai College of Business and Languages (Kansai College)
Osaka Tourism & Business Japanese Language School


360° Panoramic Images


Entrance Lobby

Dinning Hall-1

Dinning Hall-2

Public Bath

GYM and Golf Range

Coin Laundry

























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