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Furnished Apartments with Limousine Service


Directly Move in the Apartment from Airport!

Don’t care about huge luggage!
Easy transportation with Limo-taxi!

We, DID-GLOBAL, offer special service such as stay at  furnished apartment with a pickup service from Kansai International Airports, to foreigners who arrive in Japan and stay in Osaka. All procedures will be completed before entering Japan and all you have to do in Japan for the first day is to find pickup limousine and go to apartments without hassle.

The furnished apartments are also offered for long-term lease.  Lots of our apartments have been already installed fiber optical internet into the apartment. It makes quite easy your time as of working, watching movies, chatting, or online meeting with the fast stable internet connection.


DID-GLOBAL’s Pick-up Service (Limo-taxi Service)

For tenants who use DID-GLOBAL’s furnished apartments, we arrange limousine pick up service (Limo-taxi service) from airport to the apartment as an optional service.

< Basic Plan >

KIX   Kansai International Airport  (with pick-up at arrival gate)

 → DID-GLOBAL’s apartment in Osaka city

※We can arrange the driver who can speak English. (Please note that we cannot promise because it depends on their schedule.)
※The price will be changed depends on your arrival time, number of people, or season etc. Feel free to contact us for details. 

★For more information about from other airports or to other destination etc., feel free to ask us individually.

Cancel Policy of pick-up service

【Important request for users of Pick-up Service】

◆ Destination change and stop over are not acceptable.
◆ Please have less chatting inside limousine.
◆ No eating and No drinking are allowed in the vehicle.
◆ Stopping over on the way to properties are not acceptable except for emergency, so if you need beverages or something, please buy them in the airport. And please have water and stretch in the car to prevent economy syndrome.

DID-GLOBAL’s Furnished Apartments 

DID-GLOBAL’s Fully-Furnished Rental Apartments provide more homelike, comfortable, and healthy life for foreign residents, in addition that they are sufficient for official registration to meeting quarantine standards.

◆ All apartments has a private kitchen with electric appliances like microwave and Refrigerator/ Freezer etc.
  ―By cooking favorite meals, you will be able to have a healthy stay with less-stress!

Fiber Optical Internet installed in many properties*1 ― Internet is essential for today’s life. Stress-free for jobs or SNS!

◆ Various types of rooms and pricing, like studio, 1bedroom, 2bedroom etc. give you choices within your budget and peace of mind.

◆ We have contract and tenants support in English, so highly welcome for foreigners ! *2

Pickup service from Kansai Airport to properties. We will wait for you at arrival gate. (English available)

◆ Both month-to-month and long-term contract available.

◆ Language support and translation service of 8 languages can be used if needed.  (optional service)

* 1 For the properties which has not installed the optical internet yet, the portable wi-fi with the high-speed internet connection until the date up to 100GB is available as an option.
*2 DID-GLOBAL has a large experiences for foreign residents and accumulated know-how for foreign residents since we have been on leasing businesses specializing in foreigners about for 10 years since its founding.

furnished apartment for quarantine

These furniture and electric appliances are equipmented in DID-GLOBAL’s apartments.

◆Kitchen ◆Bath & Toilet ◆Wash stand ◇Balcony* ◆Refrigerator/ Freezer ◆Microwave ◆Electric Kettle ◆Single Bed or Double Bed ◆Desk or Table ◆Arm-chair or Sofa ◇TV*  ◇Washing machine*

* For TV, washing machine, and Balcony, some rooms do not have them. For details, please refer to web pages of each properties.

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If you are interested in multiple properties or corporate contracts, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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DID-GLOBAL’s Optional Service

DID-GLOBAL affiliates with professional companies to provide convenient optional services so that you have a comfortable new life in Japan immediately from the day arrival.

Rental Beddings

◆Rental Bedding Service

◆Mobile SIM, Data SIM

◆Rental Portable Wi-Fi router

◆Kitchenware set

◆Daily necessities set

For more details, please refer here.


DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment Location

DID-GLOBAL’s rental apartment mainly located in the center of Osaka city.
They are convenient area near subway or train station, supermarket and convenient stores.
You can search room by your important aspects like types of room, monthly rent, location, lease terms, or room equipment and so on.

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