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Get Japanese Mobile Phone Number

Smart phone and Sim card

We recommend you “JP SMART SIM” to get your Japanese mobile phone number – access to voice communication and internet – immediately once you arrive in Japan.
All you need is a smartphone device (WCDMA compatible device or SIM free device) and a “JP Smart SIM card”.

JP Smart SIM card is;
◆ Multilingual support is available
◆ Application registration is quick and simple without any complicated procedure.
◆ No bound term of contract・No contract cancellation fee
◆ Pay at convenience store, by credit card or pay cards acceptable
◆ SIM card will be delivered to your apartment in Japan, on the same day Pat the earliest.

 Basic fee    1,980yen/month ~

For more details and to apply the service, plese click the above image of smartphone.

APJ Mobile-Features