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Optical Internet Sign-Up Procedures


Processes to Sign Up the NTT FLET’S HIKARI internet

 is a task of Customer,
 is a task of DID-GLOBAL or NTT.


Process of Internet1   Please inquiry to DID-GLOBAL by email or inquiry form Internet Inquiry
with your name, contact and the exact address of the residence which intended to get the internet. 
Process of Internet 2    After confirm the available service plan on the residence, we will provide the detailed information as of service plan, max speed, and all information about the cost.  
Process of Internet 3    If you can understand and accept the conditions, including cancellation penalty policy, please apply to the internet service via online application form. Once made an application, you can’t cancel the application.  
Process of Internet 4    Someone have to be in the residence upon the installation wok.
We will intermidiate the arrangement of the schedule of NTT staff’s visitting to the residence.
Usually it will be set on a few weeks later from the application.
Process of Internet 5    Please prepare the devices and accesories.  
 Process of Internet 6   The post mail will be reach to your mailbox which are sent from NTT and With U NET(ISP).They are very important documents, so please receive them indeed and keep them until cancel the services.   
 Process of Internet 7    NTT staff will visit to your residence to install the internet.<In case of Detached House>
They need to work to install the cable from outside of the building to the inside.Usually it will used telephone code. Sometimes it will charged the additional cost.
 Process of Internet8    In order to connect to the internet, the setting of PC and the surrounding devices.
<NTT>           ・ Connecting from Homegateway router to your PC
                        ・ Setting up with ID and Password by roading CD-ROM
<With U Net>  ・ Log in with ID and Password
                       ・ Enter your creditcard infromation upon the logging in
Enjoy your comfortable Internet Life !!!