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Broadband Internet Service

Arrangement Service of Internet


We can support in English the introduction of NTT FLET’S HIKARI Internet into your apartment, or provide a portable wi-fi router which usable anywhere in Japan. In fact, the contract terms and fee structure of the internet in Japan is very difficult and confused, and it is not easy to understand even also by Japanese people. However, in modern society, to get a High-Speed Internet is definitely necessary!! Many of foreign residents usually has introduced the internet without well understanding the fee structure, terms and conditions, because any internet companies do not ready the explanation written in English. As the consequence, they are happened frequently that of a serious trouble or the situation which foreigners have to pay unexpected penalties at a later date.

In order to avoid such a trouble even a little, DID-GLOBAL provide the English support service for the introduction of the internet.


If you gave us the address of where you want to get an internet, your contact, and a copy of your passport, we can check the availability and a type of internet available for your building, and we will propose you the best plan.
If you can accept our proposal plan, please apply with the application form filled by the required information. After you passed the examination by the internet company, we will adjust the schedule and arrange of the installation construction of internet connection. On the day of the installation, you will need to be in the place. After the installation construction is finished, please continue to pay to Provider Company and Internet Company without delay, and please enjoy a comfortable internet life!!


We provide two types of Internet service in Englishfor all of non-Japanese residents, regardless whether our apartment’s tenant.

1. Rental Portable Wi-Fi Service 2.   Optical Cable Internet Conection
(NTT Flet’s Hikari Internet)
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If you are;

 ◆ short term visitors  ⇒  please refer    Rental Portable Wi-Fi
 ◆ wishing to use at outside of the apartment  ⇒  please refer  Rental Portable Wi-Fi
 ◆ wishing to use immediately  ⇒  please refer  Rental Portable Wi-Fi
 ◆ wishing to save the cost for internet  ⇒  please refer  Rental Portable Wi-Fi
 ◆ needing Super High Speed Internet Access  ⇒  please refer  Optical Internet of NTT FLET’s HIKARI
 ◆ intend to live in Osaka for more than two years   please refer  Optical Internet of NTT FLET’s HIKARI