Features of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

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We are providing two types of services for find an apartments for non-Japanese residents in Osaka area.

One type of them is DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments which are offered on our special unique conditions designed as good for non-Japanese residents. We can provide more than 20,000’s potential apartments in Kansai area.

Another type is typical general apartments which have been offered for rental through all real estate agencies in Kansai area. They are offered on a normal conditions as same as to Japanese residents. Therefore, they require more than two years contract, a Japanese guarantor person or joining to a guarantee company, and agency fees. It usually needs the huge amount of moving-cost, resident’s Japanese language abilities, continuing work and to pass their strict examinations.
You can find them via any agency in Osaka, but we can support and propose a best suit property for you in English with well understanding your wishes.

Please refer their comparison and procedures because they have a lot of difference. And please choose better type for you.

Comparison of Lease Conditions

◇ For the person who doesn’t have a Japanese guarantor.
◇ For the person who hasn’t got a job yet.
◇ For the person who looks for the apartment for less than 2 years.
◇ For the person who want to reserve the apartment from abroad.
◇ For the person who want to save the initial cost.
◇ For the person who doesn’t want to waste the money for the apartment.
◇ For the person who doesn’t want to pay an agency fee, brokerage fees etc.

If you fulfill one of the items above, please refer the page of;
⇒  1. Process for renting of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

◇ For the person who has a Japanese guarantor person.
◇ For the person who has peculiar wishes for the apartment. (having a pet etc.)

If you fulfill the items above, please refer the page of;
⇒  2. Process for renting of General Apartments