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Useful Links & Youtube Videos

These are the useful links and youtube videos to live in Japan, Osaka.
Please check them and live in Japan easy and comfortable!!


Pertnership Licenced Real Estate Agency




Kansai Air Port ▸
Jorudan (Train Route Finder) ▸


some of City Halls in Kansai Area

Osaka city ▸
Toyonaka city ▸
Suita city ▸
Minoh city ▸
Sakai city ▸
Izumisano city ▸
Amagasaki city ▸
Nishinomiya city ▸
Kobe city ▸


Utilities and Useful Companies in Kansai Area

Kansai Denryoku ▸
Osaka Gas ▸
JP Post ▸
Yamato Transport Co.,LTD. ▸
Multilingual Living Information ▸


Useful Videos to live in Japan

We made many of useful videos for our tenants.
We have experiences for more than 10 years supporting foreigner tenants to live in Osaka comfortable.
We know very well what would be problem for foreigners and can provide the solutions.


 Washing machine in Japan “日本の洗濯機の使い方”

 【 How to Replace 】Light bulbs in Japan

 【How to open】Mail Box in Japan - ポストの開け方 –

 【How to Use 】Japanese Chemical Drain cleaners

 【 How to Use 】”Oil hardening” products in Japan

 【 How to Clean 】 Japanese Air conditioner

 Translation App. – Easy・Speedy・Useful・Free!!

 ATM at Japan Post Bank Office

 Apartment Japan – How to browse & book online

 Apartment Japan ご利用マニュアル【日本語】

 How to find and rent Apartment in Japan

 Access to DID-GLOBAL Co.,LTD