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Mutual link with “STUDY KYOTO”との相互リンク完了

京都へ留学する外国人留学生向け留学情報ウェブサイト「STUDY KYOTO」(https://studykyoto/en/) の住宅検索サイトとして「Apartment Japan」の相互リンクが完了しました。
「STUDY KYOTO」は京都への外国人留学生向けの情報発信サイトです。

The mutual link between ”Apartment Japan”   and as a housing search site on “STUDY KYOTO” (https://studykyoto/en/) has been completed, which is a study abroad information website for foreign students .
“STUDY KYOTO” is a website, which is introducing the various information of Kyoto for international students.
It is fullil of useful and helpful information for people planning to come or just coming not limited to Kyoto but to Japan, about not only the universities, colleges, Japanese school, or Short-Term Study Abroad Programs in Kyoto but also contents such as charms of Kyoto, basic information about life in Japan, part-time job and finding employment etc.

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