Furnished Apartments for Rent for Foreigners

Information and consultation desks for foreigners in Osaka
who are impacted by the new coronavirus COVID-19

To all foreigners
live in Osaka pref.

To whom impacted by the stay-at-home order and the business-shutdown request due the new coronavirus  COVID-19👑 and need more information about the emergency lorns or subsidies can collect the useful information at the following institutions.

These are the list of the institutions and consultation desk services available in English etc., that may be useful for foreigners in Osaka.

You can ask about your worries, livelihood supports and labor issues due to the order and request, and financial supports of “Benefits, Subsidies or Emergency loans by the public institutions for this coronavirus issues”.

We guess your fear and worries because by living in foreign country, but first of all, please check the website below and contact to them in order to reduce/eliminate your anxiety.

🔶 Livelihood support
– Osaka info
 Email :
 Osaka Foundation of International Exchange (OFIX)
 Osaka Information Service for Foreigner Residents (OIS)

🔶 Labor issues
– Osaka Labour Bureau (in Japanese)
– Consultation Service for Foreign Workers (in English)
– RINK (Rights of Immigrants Network in Kansai)
 TEL 06-6910-7103  (2pm~)

🔶Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
– Latest information on Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)
– Employment Policy For Foreigners Working in Companies (English)

– Telephone Consultation Service for Foreign Workers

🔶 For Police (Crime and Accidents)
 Call to #110
  - Japanese phone number is required to make a call. English Available.

🔶 For Fire and Emergency Services
 Call to #119
– Japanese phone number is required to make a call. English Available.


If you want to have a Japanese phone number, please check our service of APJ mobile by clicking the image below.
You can get a SIM card very easy online.
Smart phone and Sim card



🔶 Apartment Japan 🔶
Search website & Online reservation system
If unfortunately you need to move to a cheaper property or ensure a temporary residence near the workplace, try searching on this website.
You can search a variety of furnished rooms from one month to long-term, without guarantors. Multiple landlords are listing the properties here.

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