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    ◆ Single size Duvet set     (7,800yen)         ◆ Double size Duvet set   (24,800yen)        
    ◆ Japanese Futon set     (10,800yen)  


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    Destination Information

      The exact address to deliver beddings by express home delivery.
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    In order to confirm your exact address, please submit both side of Residential card (在留カード) or some other ID which is written the destination address in JAPANESE.
    Residential Card (在留カード)Japanese Driver LisenceJapanese Health Insurance cardBill of UtilitiesLease Agreement
       Front side     Back side

    ★Wishing Date for receiving the beddings*
      What date do you prefer to receive the beddings at your home?
      The wishing date should be the date of after one week or later.
        ( yyyy-mm-dd ) ASAP

    Other requirement




    I will check the website of home delivery service and arrange by myself if I can not receive the package on time.
    I accept the cancellation policy that I have to pay cancellation penalty 5,000yen, if I missed to receive the package and it returned to the selling shop.

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