Japanese traditional performing art “Noh” was shown under the cherry blossoms in full bloom.


Noh is the oldest theatrical art in Japan which played on a stage.


It can be said Japanese musical with dance and music in its core.

The most characteristic of  Noh is that actors wear masks called “Noh-Men”,and act along with vocal music called “jiutai” and instrumental music called “Hayashi”.

Noh performance “Tamura” is the work that drew the the auspicious story of building the Kiyomizu-dera temple, and Sakanoue Tamuramaro who is an famous samurai in the late Nara period as the main character, the conquest to Ezo(now Hokkaido) by him. The theme is the courage of a warlord who uses the spiritual power of Kannon to kick off the enemy, and it is a work full of bright and festive atmosphere. Along with Yajima and Samurai, they are considered to be the Three Great Victory Shura, and have also been played as a congratulatory Noh.

The composition is the form of the compound visionary dream. The first part is the auspicious story of building Kiyomizudera Temple, and the second part is the battle of Sakanouetamuramaro’s battle at Ezo conquest. The ghost of Tamuramaro who became a figure of a Dohshi (Child) appears in the first half, and Tamuramaro in a youthful warlord figure carries a brave dance in the second half.


We enjoyed this Noh for free along with Japanese tea ceremony and drum programs in the park near the DID-GLOBAL office.    

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『APJひかり』解約金0円!! -NTT西日本光コラボレーションサービス を開始しました!

『APJひかり』-NTT西日本インターネットー 契約期間の拘束なし!!

◆ 最大1Gbpsの高速インターネット通信


◆ 手続き簡単



◆ 解約金0円、契約期間の縛りなし!!



もちろん長期で使えば使うほど、お得です♪ ぜひご検討ください。

APJ Hikari

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「Apartment Japan」ものづくり成果コーナーに掲載しました!





大阪府中小企業団体中央会 ものづくり成果コーナー


URL ; https://maido-monoseika.jp/companies/https-did-global-com




Apartment Japan https://apartment-japan.com/



大阪府中小企業団体中央会 ものづくり成果コーナー





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「Apartment Japan」賃貸住宅 検索・申込システムをプレスリリースしました!


■■■ Apartment Japan  ■■■

–  Rental Property Search Website  and Online Reservation System –

弊社にて開発しました マンスリー賃貸住宅申し込みサイト「Apartment Japan」を プレスリリースしました!

Apartment Japan https://apartment-japan.com/

”空室・空き家で困っている – 賃貸住宅オーナ・管理会社様” と
”日本に住居を必要とする – 外国人”を結ぶ、
「Apartment Japan」の運用を開始しました。

We’ve sent out a press-release announcing a new Web site “Apartment Japan”!!

Apartment Japan is a rental property search website and online reservation system,
designed to make it easy for foreign residents who are living or will be living in Japan,
to find great residential properties.

Apartment Japan」 https://apartment-japan.com/

We hope you will treasure your work or travel experience in Japan forever.

⇒ 日経新聞全国賃貸住宅新聞に記事として取り上げて頂きました。


Apartment Japan Webシステムに関する詳細はこちらをご覧ください。

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★Osaka / Umeda ★ Fully furnished apartment 1LDK

Location 3-30 Taiyu-jicho, Kita-ku, Osaka

See the location on Google map
Umeda Station, (7 min. walk ) Osaka Metro Midōsuji Line
Osaka Station, (8 min. walk ) Ōsaka Loop Line
Higashiumeda Station, (4 min. walk ) Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
Room Type  1LDK
Room Size 36.00 sq.m
Furniture  Furnished
Minimum Lease Period    1 month
Monthly Rent  132,000 yen –
(depends on your lease term)
Features ◆ Located in front of Osaka / Umeda station. 7min. by walk.
Super convenient for everything!
Double Sized Bed. Bath and Toilet are separated.
Year Built / 2014
Auto lock entrance, Good security !

*Rental Beddings Option is availble. 2,300yen~ /mth

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【Notice of Temporary Closing】: 1st Feb.(Fri.) 2019

We will be temporarily closed on the 1st Feb.(Fri.) 2019

 due to a new business launching .

Our office will open on the 4th Feb.(Mon.) at 10:00 am.

Thank you for your understanding.

Best Regards,

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SIM card for Japanese Mobilephone Number ¥1,980 /mo.~ No minimum term

APJ mobile1


We recommend you “JP SMART SIM” to get your Japanese mobile phone number – access to voice communication and internet – immediately once you arrive in Japan.
All you need is your smartphone device (WCDMA compatible device or SIM free device) and a “JP Smart SIM card”.

JP Smart SIM card is;
Multilingual support is available
◆ Application registration is quick and simple without any complicated procedure.
No bound term of contract・No contract cancellation fee
Pay at convenience store, by credit card or pay cards acceptable
◆ SIM card will be delivered to your apartment in Japan, on the same day at the earliest.

APJ mobile2

Basic fee 1,980yen/month ~

Making your life in Japan Smart and Comfortable!

Get it online without a fuss!

APJ Mobile3


APJ Apply.



information of did global

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Temporarily closed – 4th Sep.2018


🔺Temporarily closed 4th Sep.2018🔺

Due to the typhoon, we will be temporarily closed

 on 4th, September (Tue.) 2018.


Our office will open on 5th September 2018 (Wed.) at 10:00 am.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please Be careful and make sure you stay safe.

For the announcement or detailed information about the influence of natural disaster,
please refer to the “Osaka Disaster Prevention Net”, which is provided by Osaka Prefecture.

💁‍♀️ “Osaka Disaster Prevention Net” http://www.osaka-bousai.net.e.add.hp.transer.com/…/index.ht…

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Please refer “Osaka Disaster Prevention Net”, for information regards to disasters


For the announcement or detailed information about the infuluence of earth quake or other disaster,
please refer the Osaka Disaster Prevention Net, which is provided by Osaka Prefecture.



Osaka Disaster Prevention Net



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★Shinsaibashi★Fully furnished room + High Speed Internet







2-2-8 Minamikyuhojimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

 See the location on Google map


8 min. walk to Sinsaibashi station/Subway Midosuji Line

3 min. walk to Sakaisujihonmachi station

Subway Chuo, Sakaisuji Line


Room Type


Room Size

37.00 sq.m



Minimum Lease Period

 1 month

Monthly Rent

JPY 135,000 –
(depends on your lease term)


◆High  Speed Internet access is provided to the room!

◆Great Access! Located in Shinsaibashi!

Fully furnished room with the items of ;
* Air conditioner  * Refrigerator * Microwave  * Electric Kettle * Television * Double Bed *Sofa * Dining Table & Chairs  * Shelf * Drawer   * Drape  and more

The building has an Elevator and Auto lock entrance!!

*Rental Futon Option is availble. 2,300yen~ /mth


 IGS403Livingroom1  IGS403Livingroom2
IGS403Livingroom3 IGS403Livingroom4
IGS403Livingroom6 IGS403Livingroom7
IGS403bedroom1  IGS403bedroom2
 IGS403other1  IGS403other2
 IGS403other3  IGS403other4
 IGS403other6  IGS403other7
 IGS403other8  IGS403other9
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