Apartments easily reservable as your home in Japan

Introduction of DID-GLOBAL’s Rental Apartment

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DID-GLOBAL provides rental Furnished and Non-Furnished Apartments for foreign residents and travelers in/around Osaka area.

We have more than 20,000 furnished/non-furnished apartments which can be provided for foreigners
without Guarantor person, Guarantee Company, nor Agency fee.

A hundred of them are furnished monthly Apartments which are rentable from more than one month,
and the others are non-furnished apartments which are rentable on monthly basis of more than 1 year.
So, our customer can choose either, according by their lease period, condition and wishes. They have special unique conditions focused for foreigners,  which are designed as better and easier for foreigners.   ⇒⇒DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment

Also, we have access to all of apartments in Kansai area which are offered on the real estate information network as of all of real estate agents do.  They are provided with strict rules and conditions as same as Japanese residents. However the numbers of the choices would be huge.  ⇒⇒General Apartment

Our English speaker staff will talk with our customers in English.
It means that;
 ♦ you would be able to tell us your wishes and desires in English easily,  and
 ♦ we can provide you many options of apartments which may suit your wishes with well understanding,  and then,
 ♦ you will be able to reach to your desired apartment easily.

We support you in English for the whole processes of searching apartment, contracting, and moving,
and also for some troubles which occur during staying there.

Since our contract documents are described in both English and Japanese,
our residents(you) are able to stay there relieved and comfortably with fully understand the details of lease agreement, customs and rules.

Also, DID-GLOBAL is able to provide many properties which can eliminate the inconvenience of surrounding the foreign people, in good access to transportation.
The typical features are short term rental apartment and with portable wi-fi router.
The apartments won’t request a Guarantor person, Guarantee Company, Key Money, Agency Fee, and have the option of Furnished and electric appliance, or Short term contract, and so on.

Even if you haven’t had a job yet because of working holiday visa or student visa, we would be able to provide our apartments if you are a sincere person.

We wish all of our customers stay at our apartment comfortable and relieved, and 
we wish you will be able to have a happy experience and memories in Osaka, Japan as your treasures of your life.

[The list of the rental property]
Please look at the page of  “Search Properties“, then you can see the listing of our properties.
(We have much more properties than listed on this website. Please feel free to inquire to us anytime.)


[Rental mobile wi-fi internet router]
We provide Internet service (rental portable wi-fi router and internet opticom installation support)  for all of non-Japanese residents who speaks English.
No cancellation penalty. The minimum rental term is one month.

[Partnership with Licenced Real Estate Agency]
DID-GLOBAL is the group company of two companies which have a licence of real estate transaction.
Therefore, we can support in English our customer’s selling/buying of real estate in Japan.
Please feel free to inquire if you are interested in selling/buying a real estate in Japan.