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Q1. Can I reserve the apartment from abroad?
YES. You can reserve the apartment even if you are in abroad.
Please contact to us via inquiry form on this website or Email or Skype.

Q2. How long in advance can I reserve the apartment in advance?
We can accept the reservation from three weeks before of your wished date for your lease start.

Q3. How can I reserve the apartment?
If  If you have a favorite apartment, please ask us the availability for your desired lease period.
If it is available, you can apply it via our website.
Please send us the application documents and application deposit by PayPal or bank transfer.


Q4. How long is the minimum lease term for renting Furnished apartment? 
All of our furnished apartments are possible to rent for more than one month.
The condition is determined by the lease term. Please feel free to ask us the availability and the details.

Q5. How long is the minimum lease term for renting un-furnished apartment?  
We provide un-furnished apartments to rent for more than one year lease.
The condition is determined by the lease term. Please feel free to ask us the availability and the details.
(Normally, the minimum lease term of most ordinary apartments in Osaka is more than two years and renew automatically. So it is not easy to rent by foreigners of temporally-visiting.)

Q6. What will be happen in case I cancel the lease within the original lease period?  
Only in case the cancellation within the first original lease period, you need to pay the cancellation penalty as same amount to two months rent total.
However, after the original lease period, you may cancel anytime with the cancellation notice of 1.5 months preceeding.

Q7. I don’t have a Japanese guarantor. Can I rent the apartment?
YES. DID-GLOBAL’s apartments won’t need a Japanese guarantor person and enrolling into any guarantee company. So, you can rent our apartment without either Japanese guarantor person or guarantee companies.
(Please understand we may have a tenancy examination before contracting. We might have a case that we won’t accept the application.)

Q8. Can I rent DID-GLOBAL’s apartment only with a working holiday visa, before finding a job yet?
YES. You can  can rent our apartment even if you don’t have a job yet, only if you have a proper visa.
Please contract with us for a short term lease, first. And then, after you found the job, you can extend the lease or you can change it to a long term lease.
Thus, you can stay the apartment for a long time and you don’t need to look for another apartment any more.

Property & Services

Q9. I’m not in familiar to Osaka yet. Can you consult me about the area and good apartment?
Of course, YES. Please give us your wishes and conditions by our Rental Inquiry form ( http://did-global.com/contact/rental-inquiry/ ), then we can consult you basis on your purpose of your coming to Japan and your wishes.
Or, if you were already in Osaka and be able to come to our office, we will be able to talk and discuss a lot, and then we will be able to provide you some options of good apartments suit to your conditions.

Q10. Can I rent a fully furnished apartment in the convenient location?
YES, we have about one and half hundred of fully furnished apartments in the central Osaka.
If you prefer furnished apartment, please choose to from them.

Q11. What kind of items are equipped in DID-GLOBAL’s furnished apartment?
Actually the equipped items are depending on the property.
But basically these items are equipped in our furnished apartment.

* Air conditioner (cooler and heater)
* Refrigerator (or Refrigerator and freezer)
* Microwave
* Electric Kettle
* Cooking stove (Gas or Electricity)
* Washing machine (or coin laundry in the building or nearby)
* Vacuum cleaner (or floor wiper)
* Bed
* Relaxing chair (or sofa)
* Desk and Chair (or Dining table and chairs)
* Shelf or Drawers
* Dress Hanger rack
* Drape
(Linens, bedding dresses, kitchen tools and utensils are not including in the basic equipped items due the hygiene reason.)

Q12. Can I have an inspection of the apartment before my decision?
YES. You can see inside of the apartment only if it is vacant.
But please understand in advance that the availability of the apartment is changing time to time. we can’t promise the availability until your inspection, because we are accept the application from abroad directly and they usually won’t inspect the apartment before their application.

Q11. Can you accept my payment by credit card?
YES, we can accept your payment by credit card. But we are asking to bear some payment fee if use credit card payment or PayPal payment, in order to keep our rent price low and keep equality conpaired with the other payment method’s cost as of oversea remittance and so on.

after Move-in

Q12. How it will be going if I broke the equipment in the apartment?
If it was happen by tenant’s reason, the tenants has to be responsibility for the damages.
We will ask you the actual repair or replacement cost. However, if it is caused under the normal use, we will repair or replace them.

Q13. How can I connect utilities?
The condition for the utilities (gas, water, electricity etc) is determined by the property and the lease term.
However, for any types of conditions, we are able to help to contact to the utility companies as a deputy of our customers.
The outline of the each process is as below.

Please apply to the electricity company via telephone call or internet.
You have to apply to the company with your name and the exact address of your apartment, and after a while you will be able to use the electric power in your apartment.
You don’t need to have the visiting of electricity staff at the apartment.
You may choose the payment method from three ways as of bill of payable at convenience shop, automatic withdrawal, or credit card.

Please apply to the gas company via telephone call or internet.
You have to apply to the company with your name and the exact address of your apartment, You NEED to have the visiting of gas staff at the apartment, because they need to check the safety of gas equipment before opening the gas valve.
Please arrange their visiting schedule. You may choose the payment method from three ways as of bill of payable at convenience shop, automatic withdrawal, or credit card.

The process of getting water supply depends on the district and the water- supplier. Normally it is similar to the electricity.
But, some apartments are not necessary to contact to water-supplier directly because there is a case of the building owner contracts with the water-supplier for the whole building. In that case, the tenant shall pay the water fee to the landlord along with the rent.

Q16. Can I get the internet in the apartment?
YES. You can use internet in our apartment.
Some of our apartments have optical internet already equipped.
Or, for the other apartments, we can provide the option of the rental portable internet router.
If you lease the portable wi-fi, you can use internet in the apartment and anywhere at the outside of most of all over Japan.

Q17. Can I get the high-speed internet in my apartment?
YES. If you can contract the lease for more than two years, or if you have a willing to pay the cancellation penalties to the internet company upon the cancellation before two years, we can arrange the high-speed internet connection into your apartment.

Q18. Can I shear the apartment with my friend?
Yes. You can share the apartment with your friend if you want.
But in that case, some of our apartment may ask you some additional fees as of cleaning fee, utilities cost, or rental beddings etc..  The actual additional condition is depend by the property.
The number of the residents are limited by the area of the room. Also, the roommate shall be beforehand approved by the landlord and shall submit their information of their ID and contact, as same to the subscriber.

Q17. Can I sublet the apartment while I go away for a while?
NO, you can’t sublet the apartment to anyone else in spite of whole or part.