1. Rental Procedures of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartments

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 1. Process for renting of DID-GLOBAL’s Apartment
(No Guarantor, No agency fee, Easy process for the deal.)

These properties are usually rented for Japanese residents on a typical Japanese lease conditions, but they could be provided on our special unique condition for non-Japanese residents only through DID-GLOBAL. They are easier and better conditions for most of non-Japanese residents.

STEP1. Search & Find your best Apartment

Search your desired apartment – Inquire to DID-GLOBAL!! ⇒inquiries

Please give us your wishing details, we will propose some apartments for you.
The best way to find a best property for you is coming to our office.
We can provide properties with consultation and information of the details and the environment, and you can have a viewing the inside.
Or, if impossible, please search and find some of your favorite apartments from the list of our apartment on this website, and please inquire to us the details.

Confirm the availability of your favorite apartment

Please confirm the availability of the apartment.
If it is available, basically we can accept the reservation for three weeks without reservation charge.

STEP2. Application & Reservation

Only three items for the Application of the apartment!                                    

    1 ) Application form
Fill out the application form which are on this website and submit to us. ⇒Application Form
  2 ) Passport copy
  3 ) Pay the Application Deposit
We can accept the payment by cash or by bank transfer.
In case of pay by bank transfer, please send us the evidence of the bank transfer.

After we received all of them, your application will be effective, and we will reserve the room for you.          detailed information


After receiving your application, we will contact you by email.


STEP3. Contract & Move-in

Contracting [Sign on the lease agreement and payment]

DID-GLOBAL’s all documents including a lease agreement are written in English and Japanese so that the residents can stay relieved with fully understanding the conditions of the agreement, Japanese life customs and rules. They will be kept away from trivial troubles and worries.

Key receiving and Move in

After contracting, and upon the start date of your lease, we will pass you the key.
You can move into the apartment and live there as you like.

~ Easy Carefree Staying ~
Please live there comfortable, and enjoy living in Kansai area in Japan!!
        We will take care of your stay as a lessor for your troubles and worries in the apartment during you stay there.